Voices is the open journal giving voice to those with a disability and their supporters

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Access and Inclusion Through Technology

Access and Inclusion through Technology is a weekly roundup of news and views on accessible technology

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Global symbols


Global symbols is a regular round up of News on all aspects of AAC.

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Three Minute Thoughts

A video series of short videos each introducing and discussing a specific issue related to accessible technologies

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Facebook Group


Join our Facebook Group to start and take part in discussions around access and inclusion through technology

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Dave Banes Access


My personal page and source of many free and open resources

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Access and Inclusion


The means of access to technology for people with a disability is changing, we see a shift to mobile, portable pervasive technologies. Our relationship with our technology and the developers is changing also with on-demand availability of apps and content. How we make these benefits available to all is a new challenge. Access and Inclusion Services are here to help you meet that challenge through innovation and creatviity.

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