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Our Successful Projects

AT Center Feasibility

Working for a pubic body in the Arab region, we undertook to conduct a feasibility study to determine the need for accessible technology services within the country.

Using the AT ecosystem we undertook interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, including people with a disability and mapped the data against best practices from across the world.

A set of recommendations and roadmap for implementation were delivered to the client on time and within budget

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Anticipating Change

Disruptive innovation and strategy

Working for an NGO we undertook to review the proposed strategy and direction of the organisation through the lens of change and innovation in the assistive technology industry. The project examined user aspirations and behavior, technology shift and changing business models to recommend steps to support the effective implementation of the proposed strategy

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Supporting disadvantage

Build Back Better

From 2016=2017 we worked to outline the principles of an inclusive digital schooling approach for refugees. The outcomes of this were outlined as Build Back Better